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Dedicated to those who ain't cool,
and ain't hot, neither.


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Miscellany, Chaotic & Eclectic

In Memoriam to Our Mom
tuesday's wildcard book cover
tuesday's wildcard
my LitRPG/fantasy novel
read free at Royal Road

New name.

New species.

New planet.

Now live forever.

Every Tuesday.

And only every Tuesday.
an interactive poem
in the language of html

IMDB logo   Rich Rates and Reviews logo My comic book collection; mostly from the 70s.
(I began entering the data April 2012.)

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Rued Rude Rudy
Halls of Heroes
Halls of Heroes is a tribute to my many characters from the City of Heroes.

(I played for over seven years, and then the profitable game was shut down for no reason.)

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by Don Jusko of
It is not about where you are;
it is about where you are going.