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A.M. Best's
Consumer Insurance Center
The business credit rating organization offers information to ordinary consumers as well.  Since they are not providers of insurance, they can take an unbiased approach in the information they offer. Life is a risky business, and it necessitates planning!
A commercial Canadian site, but the author shares a lot of his expertise.  He favors Universal Life for those needing permanent insurance, and he explains a lot about UL, as well as many other insurance-related issues.
Be an Actuary Interesting site aimed at those who may be considering the actuarial profession.  Also great for anyone interested in learning what actuarial science is all about.
Color Wheel
(not an insurance link)
This is my Interactive Color Wheel, implemented as a Java applet.  You can visually experiment with the relationships between hue, saturation, intensity, and luma.  It is my most popular page; if you are bored with insurance check it out.  (Hey, I said I was a programmer!)
EF Moody
Insurance Info

This is a link to Mr. Moody's insurance overview page.  He has an amazing site covering many aspects of finance and investment.  He's one of the few guys on the Internet to be wordier than me -- but he seems to have the knowledge and experience to make reading him worthwhile.
The Feeling's Not Mutual This is an official 1998 report of the New York State Legislature concerning a bill that would have allowed mutual insurance companies to reorganize as mutual holding companies.  I.e., ownership would have been stolen from the policyholders and sold to stockholders.  The report is not legal gibberish; I would say it is well organized, easy to read, and very interesting. A resource for making good decisions about insurance.
Interesting, well-organized, and informative site covering many life insurance topics.
Insurance and Finance
Research Station

This site examines many insurance issues from a global perspective.  The amount of information which is available is amazing and well-worth surfing.  Learn about things you never knew enough to ask about.
Life Insurance
Rate of Return Service
James H. Hunt, a former insurance commissioner of Vermont, offers a Rate of Return service.  For an $80 fee, he will analyze your current permanent life insurance policy or a policy you are thinking about purchasing.  (I used it, and found his report to be useful, interesting, and worth the fee.  The service is sponsored by the Consumer Federation of America.)
Life Insurance
History Project
A unique site offering antique and historical insurance and actuarial books, and making them available for free download.  Although it has the form of quote pages nowadays, look closely and read the text.
LifeLine logo is an insurance industry sponsored educational site.  (See how well their logo fits!) Searchable and moderated "news:" forum. It covers financial planning, one element of which is life insurance.  Read what other people think, and even post your own questions and responses.
New York Life Official New York Life site.  I have to include this link; The Visible Policy is about my NYL policy!

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