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Teal Zeal

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full body pose of Teal Zeal, standing in front of building in Cap Au Diable


created during
Issue 18 logo, Shades of Gray
Issue 18
, City of Heroes, 2010-08-16
Teal Zeal / @cohRock
level 50 science rogue on the Infinity server
defender:  force field / dual pistols
~ August 2010
Super Group:
Onyx Debtinators since 2010-11-30
Praetorian Earth
Battle Cry:
more rounds

In-Game Description



I like the name Bubble Gun better than Teal Zeal.  ("Bubbler" is a word often used to describe someone with the Force Field set, because you literally protected teammates by encasing them in energy bubbles.  They still had full damage and accuracy, but foes would miss them a lot.)  In fact, the former was who I used to test out this power combination on the Test server.  Unfortunately, when he was recreated on Infinity, that name was not available.  Some weeks prior, in-game, the word "teal" was used and the synapses in my mind fleshed that out to the character name, Teal Zeal.

So going into the character creater, I had a name and his power sets already in mind.  Oh, and he obviously needed a lot of teal in his costume.  I wish I would have written a description for him.  It would be nice to know how a scientifically based super could involve himself with both force fields and pistols.  One thing I do remember is 4x4-ing him on the Gift of the Ancients set.  I.e., I had 4 defensive-shield toggles 4-slotted with with that set, granting him slightly stronger defensive abilities, as well as extra recovery, higher maximum endurance, and faster run speed.  Actually, Manuevers was 5-slotted, with one slot going to the Karma-set knockdown protection proc.

As a Praetorian he had been allied with the Resistance, but with several of us teaming consistently, he quickly reached level 20 and moved to Primal Earth.  Since I don't like being actually evil, he eventually aligned as rogue, so he could team either with heroes in Paragon City or the ethically challenged in the Rogue Isles.  He would also still team occasionally with lower level friends in Praetoria.

Teal Zeal, bust view

Slight Light
Teal Zeal
Walk Softly

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