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Wizardry Sword Logo This page is dedicated to the creators of Wizardry 8.  They created a fantastic role-play strategy game.  I have "won" it with four different parties, and it still does not bore me!  Wizardry 8 completes a trilogy which was preceded by Bane of the Cosmic Forge and Crusaders of the Dark Savant (aka Wizardry 6 and Wizardry 7).  Together they form a long story, although each game is playable without knowledge of the others.

The primary purpose of this page is to offer access to Wizardry 7 end-game files to other Wizardry 8 fans. These files can be used to import a party into Wizardry 8. There were four possible endings to Wizardry 7, each of which provides a different starting point to Wizardry 8. I also offer an advanced Wizardry 8 game-in-progress with just a two-character party (the normal party size is six).

Two of the endgames are mine, and two were donated by Chris Beebe (aka Quinn Mallory).  Thanks, Chris!

I believe I completed the most common path, in which you had allied with neither the Umpani nor the T'Rang.  Vitalia Dominae is your companion, and you all travel together to the planet Dominus in your own ship.  The game begins at the monastery and is very similar to a Wizardry 8 game which starts without an imported party. (There is another possible "Vitalia" import. In this case, you allowed Vitalia to die in order to keep the precious Astral DominaeBig mistake.)

Chris' site provides his Vitalia imports, as well as the two offerings here.  In one of them, your Wizardry 7 team allied with the Umpani, who bring your team to Dominus.  The game begins just outside the Umpani Fort at Mt. Gigas.  In the other, your team had allied with the T'Rang.  They bring you to Dominus, and that game begins just outside the front gate of Marten's Bluff.  (For Samurai Jack fans, Chris also offers S.Jack graphics which replace one of the human face options of a party member.)

All four of the import files are contained in wiz8imports.zip.  You unzip it into the "Saves\Import\" directory of your Wizardry 8 game.  They are then accessible when you start a new game.  Access them via the [7->8] button at the bottom of the screen.

General Import-Party Info

For any imported party, each character starts at level 1, but has 13,000 experience points.  This allows the character to immediately level-up four times and possibly change professions.  Your inter-stellar voyage from Guardia to Dominus was a long one, and much of your previous skill has been lost.  Your characters do start with significantly more skill and spells than a newly-created character, but there is still plenty of room for growth!

The characters also begin with some of the items they had with them at the end of Wizardry 7.  Some of these items are extremely powerful and not available except to imported parties.  Other items were rather plain to begin with, or have lost some of their original potency.

If you want to substitute a newly-created character, you can dismiss one (or more) of the existing characters.  To do so, you start the game and enter the character's review page.  Click the character's name, and it will bring you to another page which lets you alter the character's personality or replace the character altogether.  In the lower-left is a "recycle" button.  Pressing it lets you create a brand new character.   The newly-created character starts with 0 experience and has no extra skill.

My "Vitalia" Party
overview of Vitalia party
Cast of Characters
Rock Male Human Monk
spells = Mind Stab, Heal Wounds
Tanya Female Faerie Ninja
spells = Acid Splash, Itching Skin
Ralph Male Rawulf Lord
spells = Bless, Heal Wounds
Dale Male Dracon Ninja
spells = Acid Splash, Itching Skin
Mark Male Hobbit Bishop
spells = Energy Blast, Paralyze, Sleep, Heal Wounds
Eliza Female Elf Valkyrie
spells = Stamina, Heal Wounds
Items of Note

Bascinet & Camail, Chamail Doublet +2, Sollerets, Mitre Amulet of Life (4 charges).
Elven Bow, Sai, Sword of Hearts, Bec De Corbin (one-handed extended polearm!), Mystery Ray, Ymmu's Paw.
Chromatic Lyre (Itching Skin), Cornu of Demonspawn (Banish), Lute of Sloth (Slow).
Game Notes

This was my first party which managed to win and ascend to the Cosmic Circle.  I wasn't happy with the character set — it didn't have enough variety.  So on an early level-up, Tanya changed profession to Gadgeteer.  I also wanted a bard instead of a Valkyrie, but there was no way to quickly convert Eliza's profession.  Thus I was forced to replace her with a re-incarneted self.  The new character was still female and an Elf, and she was still named Eliza.  She inherited the Elven Bow of her predecessor, and became awesome as both a bard and bowman.

Chris' Parties
overview of Quinn's parties
Cast of Characters

Chris' two parties are identical.  The only difference is whether the game begins at Mt. Gigas or Marten's Bluff.
Raine Female Human Fighter
Kimonso Male Felpurr Samurai
spells = Energy Blast, Sleep
Mist Female Elf Ranger
spells = Acid Splash, Heal Wounds
Kiwi Female Faerie Monk
spells = Mind Stab, Heal Wounds
Elly Female Hobbit Priest
spells = Paralyze, Stamina, Bless, Heal Wounds
Janus Male Elf Mage
spells = Energy Blast, Frost, Sleep, Terror
Items of Note

Diamond Ring, Helm & Coif, Wizards Cone, Chain Hosen, Mail Mittens, Amulet of Life (4 charges)
Elven Bow, Crux of Crossing, Mystery Ray, Peacemaker Arrows (5), Ymmu's Paw.
Cornu of Demonspawn (Banish).
Milk of Magmanasia (3 charges), Mana Stone (3 charges).

My Advanced Party of Two
game scene, about to enter Rapax Away Camp

Peter Pan (Male Human Monk) and Tinkerbell (Female Faerie Ninja) arrived at Dominus by mistake.  They had meant to visit Earth, but they took a wrong turn at the Dog Star.  Yet Mad Marten had foretold their arrival as the Third Messengers.  They have accepted the challenges of Ascension and have overcome many trials and tribulations.

Now, they face one of their greatest tests.  Just ahead is the Rapax Away Camp, known to contain some of the most powerful and feared beings on Dominus.  Does this level-23 duo enter the camp as non-Templars?  Doing so means certain battle against dozens of elite Rapax.  Or do they retreat now and avoid the battle, choosing to become Templars first?

I chose the first course.  It would be dishonorable to swear loyalty to the Rapax Templars, then betray the oath on this battlefield.  Better to die with honor!  But, just possibly, best to triumph in battle.  Defeating the Rapax now is possible; I did so on the first try.  Are you boy and faerie enough?

Tinkerbell is armed with the Cane of Corpus and a Winterwand. Peter wields the Staff of Doom.  Since both are using cursed (but powerful!) weapons, they cannot use thrown or ranged weapons.  As well-trained level-23 characters, though, they both have a large arsenal of magic spells, both offensive and protective.

Game Background
My duo has not survived without help.  Vi Domina, Private Sparkle, and RFS-81 have been faithful companions for many adventures.  Should you continue this game, Vi and Rufus are waiting at He'Li's Pub in Arnika.  Private Sparkle is standing watch at the Enlisted Barracks of the Umpani Base camp.  Be sure to check nearby chests for weapons and attire!

When I played this game, we rescued the Rapax prisoners and helped establish an Umpani/T'Rang alliance.  Rapax Rift and the retro-dungeons have yet to be explored (maybe the Trynnie dungeon was explored; don't remember). Eventually, Vi and 'Rufus' ascended to the Cosmic Circle with Peter and TBell.

Character Rank & Class Current Portal
Tinkerbell Level 23
Female Fairie Ninja
Mountain Wilderness
(near Rapax Rift)
Peter Pan Level 23
Male Human Monk
Arnika Temple
Vi Domina Level 21
Female Human Valkyrie
Ascension Peak
(center statues)
Level 20
'Male' Android Monk
Private Sparkle Level 19
Female Trynnie Ranger
Umpani Base Camp

Rich Franzen
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