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Imperterritus Rock's Ultima Online Miscellany

Rock delivering the mantra of Justice
Rock at the Shrine of Justice, Baja, Felucca
  • Ultima Online Alignment Matrix - Includes an overview of the organized alignments within UO, as well as a selective glossary.
  • weapon damage bonus FAQ [Stratics UO Hall] - (2005-01-07) Describes the factors and formulas used in calculating how much damage a weapon does.
  • Imperterritus' Proposals [Stratics UO Ideas Den]
    • pure, skill-based, crafting - (2004-12-16) A comprehensive proposal to enhance most craft skills. It has as goals:
      1. restore crafting to a set of useful professions, able to make items players will buy
      2. replace runic tools with skill-based property enhancement
      3. make Arms Lore an important, but not vital, crafting ability
      4. implement specialization as a useful, but not necessary, part of crafting
      5. re-orient BODs as an optional part of the crafting profession. Both runic tools and fortification powder would be removed from the set of BOD rewards.
      6. extend ability to make magical items to bowyers, carpenters, and tinkers
      7. allow crafted goods to compete with monster loot, without flooding the market with uber stuff
      8. increase the supply of weapons with significant Damage Increase and Swing Speed Increase properties, so that the Tactics skill will become less vital
      The threaded table at the bottom of the post lists all the main sections, but in reverse-posted order. It is still useful to understand the full scope.
    • Lost Lands, the facet - (2004-12-13) Too many towns and too many banks mean UO's sense of community is hindered. Merge the Lost Lands into a single, Felucca-ruleset facet, and include Nujel'm as well.
    • Begging and Busking - (2004-10-19) Busking would be a new bard skill, street musician.
    • bowyer-craftable quivers - (2004-10-12) Quivers would hold arrows and bolts. They would be blessable so that an archer could get resurrected and immediately be able to defend himself.
  • citizen of balance [usenet] - (2003-03-27) Implementing the monk as a profession type. Involves no new skills.
  • Official Ultima Online Site
  • Interactive Color Wheel - not UO-related, but it is my most popular page.
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