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Widow's Boy

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Widow's Boy standing in front of main Ouroboros crystal


created during
Issue 12 logo, The Midnight Hour
Issue 12
, City of Heroes, 2008-05-20
Widow's Boy / @cohRock
level 42 natural rogue on the Virtue server
Arachnos night widow:  training / teamwork
~ May 2008
Villain Group:
LoneStars - Operation Downfall since 2008-05-31
Battle Cry:

In-Game Description

His mother had been a Night Widow, crippled in battle just as she was about to recieve a major promotion.  Her hopes and dreams have been laid upon her son, a momma's boy if there ever was one.


I wasn't sure if you could make a male Arachnos Widow, but chose to try and see what happens.  Obviously, you could.  Once that was known, I had to come up with a story as to why he was called a "widow".  I suppose nowadays with gay marriage, that would have been one backstory.  But back in 2008 it didn't occur to me, so what I ended up with is a kid way too close to his momma.

He was a capable character, but of the four VEATs (Villain Epic ArcheTypes), I liked crab soldiers the best.  It's hard to beat what was essentially a blaster with mez protection and some shielding.  But Widow's Boy had stronger shielding and good melee capability as well as some ranged damage.  He wasn't "bad" by any means – just not as good.

Like most my villains, he didn't like to cause people pain, so he became a rogue.

Widow's Boy, bust view

Widow's Boy
Agua Iguana

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