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Whap, in a Cimeroran square


created during
Issue 21 logo, Convergence
Issue 21
, City of Heroes, 2011-09-27
Whap / @cohRock
level 39 natural hero on the Virtue server
brute:  street justice / regeneration
~ November 2011
Super Group:
My Other Toon Is A Debtinator since 2011-11-16
Battle Cry:
we whap now?

In-Game Description



The Street Justice (SJ) melee set was fairly new, and I had teamed with folks using the set.  One of the features which made it stand out was the sound effects.  One of which was a distinct "whap" sound.  I knew when I made my SJ guy, he'd have to be named "Whap!".  As it turned out, exclamation points were not allowed in character names.

Entering the character creator, I had his name and the SJ set.  I had to decide whether to make him tank, scrapper, brute, or stalker.  Because a regen brute would be new to me as well, I decided on that.  I always disliked the look of rebreathers and nose masks, but it seemed about time to actually wear one.

This guy had no endurance problems.  He received Stamina as an inherent power at level 2.  He could have augmented that with Quick Recovery at level 4, although he waited until level 14 to get it.  He earned the Atlas Medallion in his 20s, increasing maximum endurance by 5%.  At level 35 he took Superior Conditioning, more than doubling that increase.  And at 41 he was scheduled to take Physical Perfection, adding even more to his endurance recovery and health regeneration.  To top it all off, as a regen brute, he had only one protective toggle to keep running.  Thus he could take the Assault and Tactics team buff toggles and not even notice.

The pictures here show his SG chest emblem.  I forgot to switch to his own.  I don't remember what it was, but it likely looked a lot better than those roundy-round comets.

Whap, bust view

Potato Patina
Widow's Boy

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