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Amazingly Cool

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Amazingly Cool, a science defender, standing on a statue in formal hero stance


created during
Issue 12 logo, The Midnight Hour
Issue 12
, City of Heroes, 2008-05-20
Amazingly Cool / @cohRock
level 50 science hero on the Virtue server
defender:  cold domination / ice blast
~ May 2008
Super Group:
The Amazings since 2008-05-20
Battle Cry:

In-Game Description

AC. You can call me "AC".  Air Conditioning, Alternating Current, Amazingly Cool.  It's all AC.


Members of our expansion SG on Virtue frequently teamed on Monday evenings with our coalition friends in The Amazings.  Since "Amazing Mondays" was their weekly event, I felt I should have an actual member of their group.  They had a rule for membership, though.  You needed some form of the word "amazing" in your name.  Thus Amazingly Cool was created.  He leveled to 50 with them, and then I went back to teaming with them on less amazing folks.

I created him the day Issue 12 was released, which proliferated the Cold Domination set to defenders (prior, it had only been available to corruptors).  It was necessary to continue with my treating of Virtue as my "official ice server".

Wish I knew why he had teal-colored skin, though.  Sure, I was going with a motif of "cold" colors, but how does a science human hero get teal skin?  Maybe some day I'll figure it out.

Amazingly Cool, bust view

Agua Iguana
Amazingly Cool
Black Eis

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