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Obsidian Belt

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Obsidian Belt, a dark/SR scrapper, on his flying carpet


created during
Issue 6 logo, Along Came a Spider
Issue 6
, City of Heroes, 2005-10-27
Obsidian Belt / @cohRock
level 35 magic hero on the Protector server
scrapper:  dark melee / super reflexes
~ December 2005
Super Group:
Avenging Force since 2008-02-21
Battle Cry:
from my fists to your soul

In-Game Description

Fugitive from an evil alien regime, Obsidian Belt attemps to pay his dues to his newfound friends of Earth.


I branched to Protector in late 2005 with Obsidian Belt.  Note below that he wears a conspicuous black belt, but "Black Belt" would have been too obvious a name for my tastes.  Plus, it was taken.

Shrouds seem to fit brooding magic characters well.  The rocket on his chest represents the long journey from his world to ours.  (Just because you have magic powers, doesn't mean you can travel a gabazillion light years on your own!)

Obsidian Belt, bust view

Grotto Lark
Obsidian Belt
Ram Yak

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