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Grotto Lark

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Grotto Lark, a fire ice blaster, on main island of Ouroboros


created during
Issue 9 logo, Breakthrough
Issue 9
, City of Heroes, 2007-05-01
Grotto Lark / @cohRock
level 22 mutant hero on the Protector server
blaster:  fire blast / ice manipulation
~ July 2007
Super Group:
Avenging Force since 2008-02-21
Battle Cry:
chirp's cheap, buster

In-Game Description



His name came to me one day; I don't know why.  To the best of my knowledge, there is no kind of bird named, "grotto lark".  Yet it sounds right and hints at a backstory (never written).  So, knowing only the name, I went into the character creator.

Similarly, I think his costume also works, though it shouldn't.  A dude with African features wearing a Samurai helm ... and he's a blaster?  There is a story here.  Maybe eventually it would have been written.

Grotto Lark, bust view

Fas Terra 6
Grotto Lark
Obsidian Belt

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