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Fas Terra 6

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Fas Terra 6, a dark/psychic defender, standing near statues in Founders Falls


created during
Issue 4 logo, Colosseum
Issue 4
, City of Heroes, 2005-05-04
Fas Terra 6 / @cohRock
level 37 natural hero on the Protector server
defender:  dark miasma / psychic blast
~ June 2005
Super Group:
Avenging Force since 2010-01-08
Original SG:
My Other Toon Is A Debtinator
Transfer from:
Battle Cry:
May their darkness bind them.

In-Game Description

The Fah is a cross-dimensional being made up of many organisms spread throughout the multiverse.  Each shares a communal mind, yet also are able to think and act independently.  It evolved in the darkest of places, with light at its very heart.

A Fas is an individual Fah sent on a mission of guardianship.  Fas Terra 6 is so-named because he is guardian of the 6th Terra known to the Fah.  It is a world of both growing darkness and growing light.  Can our Fas tip the balance?


Creating Fas, I had his name and background in mind and that he would be a defender.  I regret not playing him more, and not getting him to 50.  At least he surpassed 31, granting him the Dark Servant pet.  (Dark Miasma was the rare defender set which offered a pet.  It did not do any damage, but it would debuff foes and buff and heal you and your team.)  After five years, he moved to Protector to make room on his original server.

Virtue had a focus on role playing, which I was never very strong at.  The idea of making him as a communal being was to sort of provide a strong framework for this.  He spoke as "we", and seldom "I".  Figuring out how to word what I wanted to say in this context, and be understood, was sort of fun.

Once I decided on the Psychic Blast attack set, the ram horns seemed a great fit.  They act as resonance chambers where the psi signals can amplify, doing either significant damage or communicating with the Fah.  Even though his powers may seem magical to us, they are simply part of the Fah's nature.

Fas Terra 6, bust view

Fas Terra 6
Grotto Lark

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