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Porcelaine, a fire/mental blaster, on his flying carpet near Black Heart Memorial Hospital


created during
Issue 23 logo, Where Shadows Lie
Issue 23
, City of Heroes, 2012-05-31
Porcelaine / @cohRock
level 12 magic villain on the Exalted server
blaster:  fire blast / mental manipulation
~ October 2012
Villain Group:
The Devastators since 2012-10-16
Battle Cry:
glass cannon at the ready

In-Game Description



Porcelaine is the last character I created.  A friend wanted to team redside on Exalted, and his character was young.  I could have played Mek Wind who had been transferred to Exalted weeks before.  But Mek was 50, and I decided to roll a low level character who could gain experience.

Quickly choosing a fire/mental blaster, neither of which I had played much, I tried "Glass Cannon" as his name.  It, not surprisingly, was taken.  Ok, I thought, if not glass then porcelain.  A quick check of the spelling serendipitously showed me there was a dog breed named porcelaine (with a final 'e').  I was tempted to name him, "Porcelain Porcelaine", but quickly rejected it.  ("Monstrous Monstress" is funny; "Porcelain Porcelaine" is just .. obtuse.)  Even "Porcelain Cannon" was now out.

His unwritten backstory would have involved a wizard's young child messing with magic. He unwittingly changed a figurine of his mother's into a living being, full size and still made of porcelaine.  Though starting out a villain, he would have eventually changed his alignment to rogue.

In the picture below, I forgot to shut off the darn VG emblem of a lightning bolt.  It detracts from the figurine look I was going for.  BTW, I know porcelaines have big floppy ears.  Alas, ears such as those were not available.

Porcelaine, bust view

Cloying Boing
Lode Stone
Mek Wind

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