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Cloying Boing

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Cloying Boing, a spines/electric scrapper, flying about Boomtown


created during
Issue 16 logo, Power Spectrum
Issue 16
, City of Heroes, 2009-09-15
Cloying Boing / @cohRock
level 50 technology hero on the Exalted server
scrapper:  spines / electric armor
~ September 2009
Super Group:
Original SG:
Titanium Debtinators
Transfer from:
Battle Cry:
of course I'm ready, boss!

In-Game Description

It seems nice enough at first, but after awhile it begins to grate on people.  Its over-eagerness to please, its hollowly cheerful demeaner, its lame jokes.  But it's a good fighter, so you live with it...


This is my second scrapper with two damage auras.  The first was spines/dark, and maintaining endurance during extended fights was an ongoing problem.  Boing's Lightning Field costs as much to run as Ion Quest's Death Shroud, but the former has both the Energize power to reduce endurance consumption and Power Sink to leech endurance from foes.  In other words, maintaining two damage auras would not be an issue, at least not once he had leveled high enough to have those two powers.

I knew two things going into the character creator.  He would be spines/electric for the reason stated above, and his name would be "Cloying Boing".  The name popped into my head one day, and with my affinity for homonyms and rhymes, I could not resist.

The "Boing" part of his name sort of implied he'd be sort of a clunky robot, and the "Cloying" meant I should roleplay him as one constantly trying too hard to please.  And with the silly name came his Brillo Afro with the two radio antennae sticking out.  He was a fun character to play, but eventually I needed room on Infinity and moved him to Exalted.

Cloying Boing, bust view

Cloying Boing
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