Using the Interactive Color Wheel  
Basically, just click stuff.  See what happens!
You might even learn things you didn't know you didn't know.
  The Mouse lets you click your color or intensity.
  1. Try single-clicking anywhere on the color wheel or color wedge.
  2. Double-click center of color wheel to enter "lumaOnly" mode.
  3. Double-click elsewhere on color wheel to exit "lumaOnly" mode.
  4. Single-click on the saturation "snake" to toggle it between color and grey.
  5. Single-click on [luma] text to rotate mode: luma->Luminance->average.
  6. Single-click on comp. block in upper right to switch to complementary color.
  7. Single-click on the Last Color block to toggle back to the previous color.
  8. Single-click on the Exact Color block to set the exact named color.
    (Note: SIH is a quantized color space; "exact" is usually "pretty darn close.")
  Please do not be overwhelmed.  Just play!
annotated map
  Buttons ond Other Widgets (most offering tool tips if you hover over them)
  • The Intensity Controls modify color wheel intensity.
  • The Rings Controls
    • - and + modify size of color wheel
    • Rings toggles presence of delineating saturation rings
  • The CBMR Buttons toggle hue augmentation.
    • C sets 10 or 12 shades of Cyan.
    • B sets 10 or 12 shades of Blue.
    • M sets 10 or 12 shades of Magenta.
    • R sets 10 or 12 shades of Red.
    • Yellow and Green cannot be augmented.
    • -G, however, reduces the seemingly indiscernable greens, allowing for more yellows and cyans.
  • The Hex Color text field lets you specify an exact 6- or 3-digit hex color
  • Spot, the Magic Color Dog slider allows Spot to follow the color list on his own
  • Click a color name from the list to select it.
  • Sort the color name list by name, hue, hex, or a variety of others.
  • Choose from several Color Lists via the menu.
  Explore.  Have fun.