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Beta Champion Defiant Exalted
Freedom Guardian Infinity Justice
Liberty Pinnacle Protector Triumph
Union Victory Virtue gone
Vigilance (French)
Zukunft (German)

My first City of Heroes server was Infinity.  After a few months, I branched out to Virtue, and later Pinnacle.  After that I cannot remember the order in which others were added.  But over time I created characters on all the Engish-speaking servers.  At mid-career I decided to have at least one hero and one villain on each.  That way I could play "anywhere" should a friend want company.

I could end up with so many guys because players were allowed 12 character slots on each server.  For several years an extra-character token was granted annually, allowing you to add one more character slot on one server.  You could also buy extra character slots.  Thus I eventually ended up with 24 guys on Infinity (my primary server) and 17 on Virtue (my secondary).  I did not add any extra character slots to any of the other servers.

In 2011, Paragon Studios added a "free to play" (f2p) mode.  I created a second account and created yet another two characters on Infinity.  (Two total were all that an f2p player was allowed.) I also bought some more character slots for that account and added two guys to the Union server.  With any real-money purchase, an account was upgraded from f2p to "premium" status.  This allowed a few benefits to characters on the account, but still was far from the benefits granted to "VIP" (subscription-paying) players.  The primary account remained VIP my entire career.

VIPs were granted a free character-transfer token every month.  Plus there were a couple brief periods when Paragon Studios allowed unlimited character transfers.  This is how some of the servers ended up with level 50 guys.

Legend:   H = hero   V = villain   r = rogue   vg = vigilante
(all my Praetorians had moved on to Primal Earth)
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 Hall of Heroes 
  H  H    (no villains active nor saved)
 Hall of Heroes 
  H  V  H 
 Hall of Heroes 
  H  V 
 Hall of Heroes 
  H  H  r  V 
 Hall of Heroes 
  V  V  H  H  H 
 Hall of Heroes 
  r  H  H  V 
 Hall of Heroes 
  H  H  H  H  H  r  r  H  V  H  H  r 
  r  H  H  H  H  H  H  H  r  H  H  H 
  f2p:  V  H 
 Hall of Heroes 
  V  H  H  H  H 
 Hall of Heroes 
  V  H  V  H  V  H 
 Hall of Heroes 
  H  H  H  H  V  H  H  vg  H  H 
 Hall of Heroes 
  V  H  H  H  V  H  V 
 Hall of Heroes 
  V  H  H 
 Hall of Heroes 
  H  V  H  H  H  H  H  H  V 
  f2p:  vg  r 
 Hall of Heroes 
  H  V  H  H  V  V  H  H  H 
 Hall of Heroes 
  H  H  H  H  V  H  H  H  H  H  r  r 
  H  H  H  H  r 
    The Deleted
  Traces of guys I deleted, as well as 
wiped Test Server folks.

the final (inaccessible) room
Should I go or should I stay?
  (HD view)

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