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Paris Red

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full body pose of Paris Red, with her squad


created during
Issue 8 logo, To Protect and Serve
Issue 8
, City of Heroes, 2006-11-28
Paris Red / @cohRock
level 22 natural villain on the Victory server
mastermind:  mercenaries / poison
~ February 2007
Villain Group:
Extended Family since 2007-12-30
Battle Cry:
Let's disappoint them.

In-Game Description

Good ... Evil ... She's the one with the guys with the guns.


I remember watching an old B&W movie as a kid.  It was a mystery/thriller (... if the pace of a 30's or 40's movie could actually accomplish "thrill") centering on someone's mysterious death.  It turns out that they were slowly murdered by the "paris red" paint used inside his house, which was giving off poisonous odors.  I may be the only person to remember this movie; I can't even find it with Google.  At any rate, that is where her name comes from.

She was using the Poison set years before it was buffed.  This meant that almost all her debuffs were single target.  They were good debuffs, but when you have multiple foes it is much nicer to target most of them at once.  Indeed, the poison set eventually got significantly buffed so almost all the debuffs were multi-target, usually stronger on the target than those around him.  I never played her much, either before or after the set was buffed.

I gave her the look of a sort of combo traditional-military/Arachnos look.  True to her description, she let her mercenaries do all the damage.  She was not scheduled to take a direct damage attack until level 30.  Some may realize that her description is inspired by Ash in the Army of Darkness movie.

Her villain group (Extended Family) was the redside auxiliary of the Circle of Elemental Power super group, to which most my heroes on Victory belonged.  Most my villains here belonged to the Chrysalis Consortium, though.

I likely would have had her convert to rogue at some point.  Villainy for villainy's sake is ugly.  She was perfectly happy stealing from the rich and .. keeping it.

Paris Red, bust view, in Bloody Bay

Prince of Thiebes

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