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Liburyian, with full view of Night Ward's Midnight Castle in the background


created during
Issue 12 logo, The Midnight Hour
Issue 12
, City of Heroes, 2008-05-20
Liburyian / @cohRock
level 25 natural villain on the Victory server
Arachnos fortunata widow:  training / teamwork
~ September 2008
Villain Group:
Chrysalis Consortium since 2008-09-24
Battle Cry:
Read it and die!

In-Game Description

No, it's not a typo.


Fortunatas were one of the four Villain Epic ArcheTypes (VEATs).  They offered range psionic damage and a good deal of enemy control.  I.e. they were combo blaster/controllers with some shielding and mez protection.  I can't explain why – it sure sounds like a good deal – but she was not particularly fun for me to play.

Her costume is vanilla fortunata, especially that boxy helmet thing.  The concept behind it is that fortunatas have given up their identities and personalities in service of Arachnos.  Me?  I would have just given the finger to Lord Recluse and ran as far as I could.

Unlike most my villains, she would have stayed one, not ever converting to rogue.  Drones lack the imagination to be rogues.  Maybe that's why I didn't enjoy her.  I gave my other VEATs free will, but chose to keep her enthralled to Arachnos.

Liburyian, bust view, standing with the dead and reanimated Montague Castanella

Juxta Position
Paris Red

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