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Juxta Position

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full body pose of Juxta Position, showing off even his neon green Crystal Armor.


created during
Issue 7 logo, Destiny Manifest
Issue 7
, City of Heroes, 2006-06-06
Juxta Position / @cohRock
level 31 magic hero on the Victory server
tank:  stone armor / fiery melee
~ August 2006
Super Group:
Circle of Elemental Power since 2007-03-06
Battle Cry:
Molten Justice!

In-Game Description

The wizard and his faerie mate didn't want a boy child. but they had one.  What they really wanted was a lava lord.  Thus his entire being, down to his very soul, was infused with fire and stone in ceremonies too horrific to describe.

And here I am. I don't see Mom and Dad any more.  I've rebelled against them and their ways. Now I seek a virtuous path in a chaotic universe.

Come, hero, let us seek together.


Going into the character creator, I knew I would be making a stone/fire tank, and basically what his backstory was.  A name, though, had not yet occurred to me.  Eventually I realized he as at the juxtaposition of two worlds, that of his parents and the world of men.  And there it was.

He was my first character to join the Circle of Elemental Power.  The were an active and fun SG, and I had teamed with them a couple times before asking to join.

Stone Armor has a damage aura called Mud Pots, which is constantly turning the small patch of ground around you to lava.  Even though it is just one power in his protective set, it formed the basis for him being a "lava lord".  His Fiery Melee attack set did a lot more fire damage, though.

So far as his looks go, the chains and external ribs were necessary to hold him together.  His parents had really messed him up in the transformation then held him together with the equivalent of duct tape.  Lord only knows what would happen if he lost the head spikes.  Overall, he's pretty sturdy, though.

If he had made it to level 32, he would have had Granite Armor (GA) available.  Unlike the tier 9 powers of other tanks, GA is a toggle, not a long-recharge click power.  It brings your damage resistance and defense so high that the devs chose to partially nerf your damage output and overall power recharge.  With Granite active, it was as if a Single Origin enhancement of each had been removed from every power.

Because of the self-nerfs, my stoners used Granite on a situational basis.  Many other stoners liked the top-level protection so much that they left it always on, in essence becoming Granite Tanks, instead of the more flexible Stone Tanks.  They would even completely respec out of most their other armors, dropping even Minerals, which provided the psionic damage protection Granite did not.

Juxta Position, bust view

Juxta Position

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