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battle pose of Chippewa, near Imperious in Cimerora


created during
Issue 9 logo, Breakthrough
Issue 9
, City of Heroes, 2007-05-01
Chippewa / @cohRock
level 35 natural hero on the Victory server
scrapper:  claws / dark armor
~ June 2007
Super Group:
First Nations since 2007-06-28
Battle Cry:
claws of the raven

In-Game Description



I happened to be teamed with a guy who was fun to be with and a good player.  He told me he is a Native American and has a themed SG, First Nations.  You don't have to be N.A. to be in it, but your character did.  I told him I was interested in making a character for it.  He welcomed the idea, but warned me, almost embarrassed, to avoid names such as "Chief WhoopAzz".

That was the farthest thing from my mind.  I happened to go to high school in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, and thought Chippewa would be a great character name.  He was used to the spelling "Ojibwa", but said Chippewa would be fine.

Later that day, I created him.  Claws seemed to be the right attack set.  Dark Armor is a bit of a stretch for a natural hero, but I figured a person truly anchored in the Earth could have abilities which might seem magical to others.  His costume is not traditional for the Chippewa people, but I've always thought Scottish Highlanders were basically white-skinned, English-speaking, "Indians".  That is why he has the kilt.

I knew the thunderbird was a Native American symbol, so it became his chest emblem.  What I just learned while writing this is that it is a specific symbol of the Chippewa as well.  Maybe I had learned that in Chippewa Falls and forgotten consciously, but it seems a cool coincidence now.

For Dark Armor, costume becomes moot.  With your first armors you begin to fuzz out, and once past the teens you typically get Cloak of Darkness.  After that point, everyone sees you as just a dark cloudy splotch.  I shut off the Cloak for these pictures, but on the top I left Obsidian Shield on.

Chippewa, bust view

Juxta Position

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