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full body pose of Super Max, backset by small fishing boat


created during
Issue 23 logo, Where Shadows Lie
Issue 23
, City of Heroes, 2012-05-31
Super Max / @Rod Fyre
level 28 science rogue on the Union server
tank:  invulnerability / kinetic melee
~ June 2012
Super Group:
Pinkerton since 2012-06-10
Battle Cry:
time to thank 'em with a fist
Original BC:
thank you; up yours

In-Game Description

Once a decorated army man, Max received a general discharge for failing to follow orders in the handling of a covert op.  A group of rogue scientists from Crey and the Council then recruited him as a test subject.  The testing worked, but Max was no longer one to follow orders.  He told them, "thank you; up yours", and now roams the world doing what he damn well pleases.


Because of his invulnerability powers, a name similar to "Superman" seemed appropriate.  Change the 'n' to an 'x', add a space, and there Max was.  The typical bare-handed fighting set was Super Strength, but on a whim I ended up choosing Kinetic Melee (KM), which has some cool sound effects.  This was during the few months I was paying a subscription fee on this "free" account, to gain some permanent benefits.  Unfortunately, access to (KM) was not permanent.  When the VIP status expired, so did the ability to play Super Max.  Fortunately I had earned enough Paragon Points that I could buy this power set for the account, without spending any more out-of-pocket cash.

His look and backstory were chosen during character creation.  The rhino horns give a nice twist to the soldier motif.  The original battle cry (BC), "thank you; up yours" followed from the backstory.  The problem was, the most common time I would use the BC was when the team leader would ask, "Ready?". ... It just didn't work.

Super Max bust view

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Super Max
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