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Over Here, a technology blaster, in front of a gravity geyser


created during
Issue 20 logo, Incarnates
Issue 20
, City of Heroes, 2011-04-05
Over Here / @cohRock
level 50 technology hero on the Union server
blaster:  assault rifle / mental manipulation
~ June 2011
Super Group:
Carnival of Secrets since 2011-06-29
Battle Cry:
Think it thru, soldiers!

In-Game Description

I'm an American GI, stationed in Great Britain during WW II.  My troop was tasked with capturing or killing the Nazi supervillain, Red Jaw.  Just as this villain was about to die, he activated a device that dispersed everyone nearby into another time, apparantly at random.  And gee whiz, here I am, in Paragon City.  I hope eventually someone can send me back home.

Until then, Hero Corps has loaned me a high-tech Mentat (r) helmet.  It amplifies my brainwaves and lets me directly affect stuff with my thoughts.  I have to figure it out though; they couldn't tell me how to use it.  "On the job training."  So far I ain't fried my brain or anyone else's, so I'm pretty happy with it.


When the server banks were merged, and any player could make characters on any server, my main SG on Infinity decided to open a branch on Union, one of the two English-language European servers.  It seemed fun for me to use the theme of an American in Great Britain, taking part of a British soldier's comic lament¹ from WW II as my first character's name.

His original head gear was pretty much a plain soldier's helmet.  Once he had earned the right to wear a witch's hat, he tried that, and I sort of liked it.  I never modified his description to fit that detail in, though.

Over Here established the Carnival of Secrets super group, a name suggested by a friend and frequent teamer, @Dannica.  All my Union heroes and Vigilantes joined it.  It took us over a year to decide to establish the villain group, Pinkerton.

I played him a lot, ofen soloing, until he reached level 50.  By that time, I had several other Union characters to play during our scheduled Thursday hero team.

¹"I've only got three problems with American GIs.  They're overpaid; they're oversexed; and they're over here."

Over Here, bust view

Over Here
Stick and Stones

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