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full body pose of Osceola, a magic stalker


created during
Issue 23 logo, Where Shadows Lie
Issue 23
, City of Heroes, 2012-05-31
Osceola / @Rod Fyre
level 28 magic vigilante on the Union server
stalker:  ninja blade / ice armor
~ June 2012
Super Group:
Carnaval of Secrets since 2012-06-11
Battle Cry:
what you don't know can hurt you

In-Game Description

Taking the name of a native American hero, Osceola has chosen a legacy hard to fulfill.


Going into the character editor, my only thought was to make a hero who would eventually become a vigilante.  Since there would only be two characters on this free-to-play account, it seemed a good idea to have a vigilante and a rogue, allowing them both to team hero- or villain-side.

A stalker could make a good vigilante; there is something to be said for quick remorselessness.  Then, whoa! -- there was something new I did not know.  Ice armor and been proliferated to the stalker archetype!  I knew ice armor was good on tanks, and I suspected it would be great for stalkers, too.  In fact the Chilling Embrace power, a melee-range aura that slows foes and reduces their attack rate, turned out to be better for stalkers than tanks.  Plus, you could keep it on all the time, and it would not activate until foes realized you were there -- often too late for them.

Chain mail was another new feature I'd never used before, so Osceola got that as well.  Sigh, I realize now that the in-game description is hollow.  It should have been fleshed-out once I'd played him for a while.

Osceola bust view

Gar Denar
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