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Bow Wow

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Bow Wow, a science defender, rocket boarding near large neon dice in Bloody Bay


created during
Issue 20 logo, Incarnates
Issue 20
, City of Heroes, 2011-04-05
Bow Wow / @cohRock
level 47 science hero on the Union server
defender:  kinetics / archery
~ August 2011
Super Group:
Carnival of Secrets since 2011-09-14
Battle Cry:
Arf, darlin' arf!

In-Game Description

Gene splicing.  They say I'm the result of gene splicing.  Someone's got a heckuva sense of humor.  That said, I'm glad I'm here.


She may be my first Kinetics defender.  I had avoided it for years because of early experiences being buffed while playing on a slow computer.  Especially if you are in a cave or somewhere else with narrow twisty halls, the combination of lag and Speed Boost made it hard to move right.  I knew Kinetics was powerful and popular, but my psyche had been burned early on.

After six years of play, it was time to get past my unfounded dislike and make a "Kin".  I also knew her name and that she would be an archer with a dog's head.  The geekness here was this dog-woman would be called "Bow Wow", but the first word was pronounced as in an archery bow.  I realized later that some might conclude this was an insult to women (especially if they mispronounce "bow").  But really, it was nothing more than me trying to be clever.

Bow Wow, bust view

Too Much of Anything
Bow Wow
Dark Noise

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