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La Piel de Dios

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La Piel de Dios, a dual pistol/willpower brute, posing with crane in background


created during
Issue 8 logo, To Protect and Serve
Issue 8
, City of Heroes, 2006-11-28
La Piel de Dios / @cohRock
level 36 magic vigilante on the Pinnacle server
brute:  dual blades / willpower
~ February 2007
Super Group:
Deadly Dudes since 2011-10-07
Original VG:
Sinners' Syndicate
Battle Cry:
Remove the unclean!

In-Game Description

I was once a preacher, until the day I received my true calling -- remove the unclean from the world, by any means necessary.  Along with the calling came an unparalleled skill with the blade, and rejuvinative powers and defenses.  With these, my calling shall be fulfilled.


La Piel de Dios was conceived as a vigilante long before characters could formally become so.  I made him as a villain, which to my mind was the closer match to his description than a hero would have been.  The name itself means "The Skin of God", and comes from a song I remembered from high school Spanish class -- ¿De qué color es la piel de Dios?

I always thought one day I would log in and see that his name had been "generic'd" (changed by a game moderator for violating a rule against having "God" in your character's name).  I guess "Dios" was ok...

Becoming a vigilante from villain was a longest alignment path you could take, from villain to rogue to hero to vigilante.  I.e., you had to be one of everything to get there.  Vigilantes remind me of true believers, which is why I only had two total.  They give me the creeps, sort of like Tea Partyers, but worse.  All talk and false righteousness and no responsibilty for your actions.

La Piel de Dios, bust view

Kit and Kat
La Piel de Dios
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