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Insideous h2o

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Insideous h2o, dipping his tea bag along with Midnight Club vendor


created during
Issue 23 logo, Where Shadows Lie
Issue 23
, City of Heroes, 2012-05-31
Insideous h20 / @cohRock
level 8 science villain on the Pinnacle server
corruptor:  water blast / poison
~ July 2012
Villain Group:
Sinners' Syndicate since 2012-07-20
Battle Cry:
toxic? yeah, a little

In-Game Description

When you have nothing to live for, what is the price of life?


I had made several other Water Blast characters, but that didn't stop my mind from randomly percolating names.  When Insideous h2o popped into my head, I had no choice but to create him.  The word "insideous" led to him being a water/poison corruptor.  (... and a lousy speller <sigh>)

I believe he is my lowest level guy.  One more play session with him would have brought him to level 12, and the ability to slot dual-origin enhancements.  But once the closure announcement had been made, I tended to spend more time with my higher level folks.

I like the color combination used for his costume.  His chest emblem is kanji for "water".  He likely would have remained a villain; rogues tend not to be insidious.  At some point I may have fleshed-out his description.  Right now it is simply emotive with no actual backstory.

Insideous h2o, bust view

Graceless Gerri
Insideous h20
Ion Quest

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