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Graceless Gerri

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GracelessGerri, standing over duelers on floor image, in the Arena


created during
Issue 18 logo, Shades of Gray
Issue 18
, City of Heroes, 2010-08-16
Graceless Gerri / @cohRock
level 28 magic hero on the Pinnacle server
mastermind:  demon summoning / thermal radiation
~ August 2010
Super Group:
Lethal Ladies since 2012-08-12
Praetorian Earth
Battle Cry:

In-Game Description

I was once of the Devouring Earth.  Demon worshipping cultists managed to give me independent will by merging my being with a demon and humanchild.  After they were dead (I'm not into the whole "baby-killing" thing) I decided to explore Praetoria and perhaps the whole multi-verse.

I maintain a love for the earth, but the humanchild soul has extended that to a love for life.  The demon has given me a love for order.  My only hatred is for anyone who would attempt to rule over all.


A friend suggested we create new Praetorian characters.  I chose a mastermind because I knew she would be able to solo well.  There was really no other plan for her at all.  I remember seriously considering for the first time the Omega costume pieces.  They sort of made her look like one of the Devouring Earth.  Once I decided on Demon Summoning, her description essentially wrote itself.

The "graceless" part of her name is used in the religious sense.  (Grace being something you were given freely which both the giver and you know is undeserved.)  Even her freedom from Hamidon was not free; the cultists expected to use her for their own purposes.  She has had to continue fighting for freedom every day of her life, including the freedom not to be feared.  Being loved is something she never expects to happen.

I suppose her nature would have led her eventually to become a vigilante.  The normal niceties of civilized society mean little to her.

Phooey.  Another mastermind photo where I forgot to include her pets, preserving their names.  I cannot even remember what theme was used in naming them.

Graceless Gerri, bust view

Dr. Thought
Graceless Gerri
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