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Dr. Thought

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Dr. Thought, a mind/empathy controller, within City Hall


created during
Issue 7 logo, Destiny Manifest
Issue 7
, City of Heroes, 2006-06-06
Dr. Thought / @cohRock
level 33 mutant hero on the Pinnacle server
controller:  mind control / empathy
~ June 2006
Super Group:
Night Walkers since 2007-07-20
Original SG:
The Looking Goods
Battle Cry:
Think again!

In-Game Description

Like Samson of old, Dr. Thought's power is tied to his hair.  Fur actually.  He was born with a full coat of fur, which was the first sign he wasn't quite normal.  Nowadays he keeps his face and lower arms shaved.  His powers are not too much affected by this striving for normalcy.


I had avoided making an empath up to this point.  I believe it is the only power set which does no damage, being dedicted to team buffs.  Thematically, pairing Empathy with Mind Control (MC) seemed a good fit, seeing that MC does minimal damage as well.  It will, however, debuff foes effectively, and even turn them against one another. 

Don't get me wrong -- Dr. Thought was not a "pure healer", out to keep teammates buffed and alive, but taking a minimal role in the fight.  That playstyle did not appeal to me intellectually; I mean, you may not be damaging foes, but you are obviously helping your teammates to do so.  So he would use what damage powers he had unabashadly.

I remember early on joining an SG called "The Looking Goods", which had a focus of great looking characters.  This led me to improve my costume and look.  (I regret that the lighting in City Hall wasn't good enough to really show this.)  Later they dropped me for inactivity.  It was a fair decision because I wasn't playing often on Pinnacle.

Dr. Thought, bust view

Dr. Thought
Graceless Gerri

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