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Firing Ice

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FiringIce, a fire/ice tank, with Ouroboros watefall in background


created during
Issue 7 logo, Destiny Manifest
Issue 7
, City of Heroes, 2006-06-06
Firing Ice / @cohRock
level 50 science hero on the Liberty server
tank:  fiery aura / ice melee
~ November 2006
Super Group:
Castle Sardasia since 2010-08-20
Original SG:
Titanium Debtinators
Transfer from:
Battle Cry:
freeze or burn!

In-Game Description

bouncy-burny, u-rah-rah!


I always had an unfair prejudice against fire sets in CoH.  I cannot really explain why.  But when the Burn power of Fiery Aura got "nerfed" (foes started running away from it instead of standing there getting burned), there was my chance to optimize fire by adding ice.  Ice melee offered the Ice Patch power, which would cause nearby foes to keep falling on the floor.  This would allow me to use Burn effectively, because instead of running away, they kept falling, and mostly staying in the Burn patch.  Thus I decided to make my first fire character, entering the character creator with both his primary and secondary power sets already known.

Although he has somewhat of a description, it offers no sort of biography – a raison d'Ítre for his existance, but that's it.  So whatever the scientific basis is for his powers, it likely will remain forever unknown.

He was transferred from Infinity simply to make room there for a new character.

Firing Ice, bust view

Cluster Buck
Firing Ice
Hear the Pain

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