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Cluster Buck

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Cluster Buck, a thugs/pain mastermind, on platform north of Grandville


created during
Issue 13 logo, Power and Responsibility
Issue 13
, City of Heroes, 2008-12-02
Cluster Buck / @cohRock
level 50 natural villain on the Liberty server
mastermind:  thugs / pain domination
~ February 2009
Villain Group:
Dekonstruktivist Union since 2012-03-30
Original VG:
Onyx Debtinators
Transfer from:
Battle Cry:
cluster buck!

In-Game Description



I didn't realize until preparing for this site that he didn't have an in-game description.  It is very unusual for me to get a character to 50 and never write some sort of bio, however short.  Perhaps everything there is to know is in his name -slash- battle cry.

You likely realize "Cluster Buck" rhymes with something else, and the naming was intentional.  A Thugs mastermind not only gets his six permanent "pets", his Gang War power allows him to call up a temporary (less powerful) posse of about 10 more.  Things can get crowded in a room, especially if another mastermind is on the team.  Buck would often use his battle cry when launching this posse, or sometimes when charging into battle, Leeroy Jenkins-style.

As head of his gang, Cluster Buck keeps himself clean and dresses in his leather motorcycle jacket and pants.

Cluster Buck, bust view

Cluster Buck
Firing Ice

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