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Catsup, a claws/invulnerability scrapper at the monorail station


created during
Issue 11 logo, A Stitch in Time
Issue 11
, City of Heroes, 2007-11-28
Catsup / @cohRock
level 25 mutant hero on the Liberty server
scrapper:  claws / invulnerability
~ February 2008
Super Group:
Castle Sardasia since 2008-02-10
Battle Cry:
want some fries with that?

In-Game Description

She's not just a condiment any more!


This was my first cat-girl named Catsup.  I made a second on Pinnacle a few months later.  "Catsup" is the only name I ever repeated; my inner nerd finds it amusing to have a cat-girl so named.  I'm not sure why, but it was popular to create cat-girl characters.

I resisted until early 2008.  My friend, @Rocket Bob, and I planned on creating a duo that would team frequently on Liberty, and it just seemed the time to go cat.  (I cannot remember what Bob made, or if it was a cat-something too.  We teamed often throughout the years, but alas not with our Liberty pair.)

What can I say about her costume?  If anything, it is over-catty.  Not my best work.

Catsup, bust view

Carrot Gone Bad
Cluster Buck

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