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Perky Sue

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full body pose of Perky Sue, an electric/fire blaster


created during
Issue 9 logo, Breakthrough
Issue 9
, City of Heroes, 2007-05-01
Perky Sue / @cohRock
level 50 magic hero on the Infinity server
blaster:  electrical blast / fire manipulation
~ July 2007
Super Group:
Titanium Debtinators since 2007-07-13
Battle Cry:
Sure guys, we can do it!

In-Game Description

The girl known as Perky Sue used to be an absolute grouch and fuss-budget.  One time she let loose on one of her customers at the Happy 8 convenience store.  That customer happened to be a witch, who then cursed Sue with a good disposition.  "Cursed" because deep down she still would like to vent at the world.  On the other hand, as long as she maintains her good disposition, her frustrations can be let loose in physical ways upon the do-badders of Paragon City.


She resulted from that particular name coming to me out of the blue.  What would someone with a name of "Perky Sue" be like?  She'd be chipper on the outside, of course, but with fires burning inside and a super-charged disposition.

Her look was a result of me just choosing stuff in the character generator.  I had no pre-planned idea of what it would be.  Her big pony-tails seemed perfect, especially with the head "wings" amplifying focus upward.  I guess the panda on her shoulder would be her familiar, but I never really thought about it much.

Her two power sets offered a variety of Area of Effect (AoE) attacks.  She excelled when teamed with a tank or someone else to draw most of the attention, while she let loose on numerous folks at once.  Solo it was more difficult, because she tended to make a lot of foes really mad at once – not good for a lone blaster!

Perky Sue, bust view

Ochre Rook
Perky Sue

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