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full body pose of Imperterritus, an electric/fire blaster


created during
Issue 3 logo, A Council of War
Issue 3
, City of Heroes, 2005-01-04
Imperterritus / @cohRock
level 50 natural hero on the Infinity server
controller:  illusion control / radiation emission
~ April 2005
Super Group:
Enclave of Honor since 2006-06-17
Original SG:
Titanium Debtinators
Battle Cry:
Look, kittens!

In-Game Description

At the start of the war, Rikti took us...  We were specimens.  They experimented on us for many months.  I was forced to observe dehuminizations, dessications, and desecrations of the most gruesome kind.  Of my neighbors, my friends, my family.

With the sight of my little sister being dissected, something finally awoke within me which neither I nor the Rikti expected.  The hate, the rage, the fear, and the pain broke down walls in my mind.  Buried psychic abilities, possessed by all men, became available.  The Rikti didn't see what hit them. Then I left.

No longer do I use the name Wallace Scott.  That life was destroyed.  Call me Imperterritus, the undaunted.


The Rikti really should have expected what happened to Walter Scott.  After all, something similar happened to their whole race when The Battalion warred with them.  In their case, the transformation altered their bodies significantly, and granted a communal mind.  Once changed, they were able to be one of the very few races to drive off The Battalion.  Perhaps his transformation was what they were trying to achieve – to find out if they needed to worry about such a change among all humanity.  If so, they got more than they were prepared for.

Of course I didn't know any of that when I wrote his description.  Just that the Rikti were evil aliens, hell-bent on destroying Earth.  It was cool learning over time that the actual story was a lot more complex than that.

Imperterritus was the guild title given to my main (Rock) many years prior in the game Ultima Online (UO).  It was not a standard title; I specifically asked for it.  Even back then I was a student of words, and the word "undaunted" had caught my attention.  Researching it online, I happened upon the Latin for it, "imperterritus".  It is a wonderful word, suggestive of nobility and bravery and perhaps something more.  Playing UO later with some Italians, one of them recognized the word, and told me, "It means stubborn, but in a good way."  How could I not use the name in CoH as well?

The Titanium Debtinators had several large coalition partners with whom we frequently teamed.  In June 2006, I decided to have Imperterritus join the Enclave of Honor, with whom he had been teaming in numerous late-night sessions.  (Ochre Rook did a similar thing a couple months later, joining the Digital Defenders.)

His battle cry, "Look, kittens!" tended to confuse folks.  Some caught on, though.  He is an illusionist; confusion and misdirection are his forté.  How better to achieve such than call attention to something which isn't there?

Imperterritus, bust view, with his third eye prominent, centered over his other two

Green Imbroglio
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