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Dipthong Johnnae

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DipthongJohnnae, a natural Arachnos crab spider, in hospital next to nurse


created during
Issue 12 logo, The Midnight Hour
Issue 12
, City of Heroes, 2008-05-20
Dipthong Johnnae / @cohRock
level 50 natural hero on the Infinity server
Arachnos soldier:  crab spider / crab spider
~ September 2008
Super Group:
Titanium Debtinators since 2011-02-27
Original VG:
Onyx Debtinators
Battle Cry:

In-Game Description

Strange that a whole life can evolve from a typo on one's birth certificate.


Villain Epic ArcheTypes (VEATs) came in four flavors.  I made one of each, and Johnnae is my Arachnos crab spider.  The extra arms are a permanent part of a crab's costume; you cannot take them off.

The name "Dipthong Johnnae" came to me one day out of the blue, when I wasn't even playing the game.  I had probably heard the word dipthong recently, and I wondered how that would work in a name.  Pretty darn good, IMO. :)

Too bad the game would not allow "Dipthong JohnnŠ".

At that time, VEATs could only be created villain-side.  Since (an unwritten) part of Johnnae's backstory was that he had escaped from Arachnos, it made sense to switch alignment when that became possible later in his career.  It sure was hard to get his extra arms serviced in Paragon City, though!

The neatest thing about playing a crab spider is you were essentially a blaster with mez protection and shielding.  You didn't do as much damage as quickly as an actual blaster, but the trade off was well worth it.  Add the two sets of pets you get later in your career, and you were very powerful indeed.  All VEATs have shared defenses, so if there was more than one VEAT on a team (and/or some other shielding archetype), everyone became well protected.

Dipthong Johnnae, bust view

Diddle Diddle
Dipthong Johnnae
Doozy the Floozy

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