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Decimal Point

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Decimal Point, a magic controller, on his flying carpet in First Ward


created during
Issue 19 logo, Alpha Strike
Issue 19
, City of Heroes, 2010-11-30
Decimal Point / @cohRock
level 50 magic hero on the Infinity server
controller:  electric control / cold domination
~ December 2010
Super Group:
Titanium Debtinators since 2010-12-19
Battle Cry:
All the good names were taken!

In-Game Description

Born as a fable; brought to life by the mischevious imp known only as Ghi.


About twice a year someone would start a thread in the official forums lamenting how they could not get the name they wanted for their character – in general, how all the good names were taken.  I always found this to be an amusing thought.  If you've seen the alphabetical index for this site, with well over 100 characters, it should be obvious there is no shortage of interesting names and never would be.  So I went into the character editor with an inane name in mind and his battle cry at the ready.

Electrical Control was a new powerset at the time, so the other thing I knew were his primary powers.  I believe I thought of the description first, which inspired his look.  "Ghi" was part of my little joke, being what chefs call clarified butter.  His look somehow works, even with the huge Mars symbol emblazened on his chest.

Decimal Point bust view

Dark Eire
Decimal Point
Diddle Diddle

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