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Thunder Hare

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Thunder Hare, a dark/martial blaster, posting atop Wentworth's Fine Consignments


created during
Issue 11 logo, A Stitch in Time
Issue 11
, City of Heroes, 2007-11-28
Thunder Hare / @cohRock
level 20 science hero on the Champion server
defender:  storm summoning / psychic blast
~ March 2008
Super Group:
Dr. Evan Dazmins Mutant Registration since 2011-11-26
Battle Cry:
Looks like droppings to me..

In-Game Description

For over 20 years Nemesis had his climate-altering rails snaking the nation.  Since he never activated them, people thought they had no effect.  They had at least one, however.  A certain rabbit who grew up in a burrow that laid right between a set of those tracks.  A rabbit we now know as ... Thunder Hare!


One day I decided to expand over to the Champion server.  I'm pretty sure the name "Thunder Rabbit" was already in mind.  It was taken, but it was pretty easy to get something real close.

His description follows from one of the in-game Nemesis story arcs, where that patient master of schemes had over time caused special railroad tracks to be laid.  At his command, they could have been activated, giving him control of climate in the USA.  Your goal in the arc is to prevent this nefarious scheme from reaching fruition.  It just so-happened that the extremely low-level, but constant aura given off by those tracks had a side-effect.

I have no idea why I put a stag's skull as his chest emblem.  If one of the images showed him from the back, you'd see his cute, white, fluffy, rabbit tail.

Thunder Hare, bust view

Intense Intents
Thunder Hare

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