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This page is a mixture of a "Table of Contents" and a "Table of Illustrations".  It neither lists all sections nor links directly to the associated picture.  (Here they are squeezed to a common width.).  Instead, each picture links to the top of the section which contains the picture.  Not all sections contain pictures.
Graph of Policy Illustration

New York Life Building
Questions and Answers

Policy Performance, Year 14
Current State

Base Policy Illustration, age 42-89
Base Policy Illustration
Base Policy Illustration, age 42-89
Front-Loaded Illustration

Death Benefit, age 42-89
Benefits of Death

Death Benefit vs Cash Value, age 42-99
Outliving Death

Black Box Annual Gain, age 42-98
In the BBAG

Value Relative to Inflation, 42-89
Ride the Wave!

Death Benefit Relative to Inflation, 42-89
Dead Man's Wave!

edited photo of a '96 Chevy Cavalier engine
The Whole Life Engine Calc file logo Logo
Model This!

All of the above charts were built by Star Office  within my spreadsheet. Then they were saved as PNG images.  PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics, which is the ideal format for business graphics.  The lossy nature of JPEG files would cause those annoying swirlies around text.  GIF is unacceptable because it uses a proprietary compression algorithm which makes it inappropriate for most web usage.  Plus PNG files are typically smaller than their GIF counterparts.
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