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2001 - 2010 by Rich Franzen

All pages, images, and spreadsheet files involved in The Visible Policy are the sole property of Richard W. Franzen.  They are provided on the web in "as is" form for reference and possibly entertainment.  No claims are made as to the accuracy of the information provided nor its applicability for any specific purpose.

You may peruse the web pages at your leisure, and print out one copy of the pages as well as one copy of each original spreadsheet.  These hardcopies are for your personal use only.

Additionally you are licensed to modify the spreadsheets in any way you see fit, but you may not republish the results without giving appropriate credit to Mr. Franzen for the work he did.  You must also provide an overview of what you changed.  Aside from these two liens, you become the owner of significantly modified spreadsheets.

You may link to these pages without permission or notification.  However, you are expressly forbidden to encapsulate them in a frame in a manner which would make them appear as if they are part of another site or for the purpose of providing advertising content not authorized by Mr. Franzen.  Search engines which automatically provide frames for discovered content are excluded from these restrictions unless the search-engine frame contains third-party advertising which Mr. Franzen may find objectionable.  He will notify you if this is the case; examples of what he would disapprove are links to sex sites or gambling sites.  The only relief he would seek is removal of the objectionable ad(s).

So long as The Visible Policy is available publicly, it may be used as reference material in an educational curriculum.  Both the teacher and students should understand that nothing said herein is guaranteed to be "right".  Indeed, some information is likely to be wrong.  It may only be used from the site(s) provided by Mr. Franzen; public or private intranet copies are not allowed without prior permission.  However, one copy can be stored "in trust" on a local disk.  This copy may be used as necessary to complete an in-progress course in the event the official site is removed during that course.  Be aware that the contents are subject to change over time, hopefully in favor of clarity and increased accuracy.

Contact Mr. Franzen to obtain permissions beyond those described herein.

No content within The Visible Policy has been approved, authorized, or verified by New York Life or any of its representatives.  I have attempted to fairly and accurately portray the policy, but there are likely to be mistakes.  Over time, I shall endeavor to correct any misinformation found herein.

ROR Report 2001 by James H. Hunt, FSA
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